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Happy 2012!

I know it’s been more than a week since we celebrated the holiday, but it’s never too late to greet everyone A HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Here’s a cool Augmented Reality Greeting by The Hand Creative Technology! Check it out!

I am very excited for this year since there’s a lot of new things that I’m currently experiencing in my life—new business, new hobby, and relatively new pet (since I got him last year). Aside from that, I’m very excited since there’s a lot in-store for this blog this 2012:
1. I will find more new exciting and beautifully executed Interactive Media and Digital Out-of-Home Campaigns around the world.
2. I will start writing in the most interesting way I can think of and the quickest way for everyone to read—Top 5 things to note in the campaign.
3. I will start inviting guests to post in this blog and to share their expertise in the field of Interactive Media.

If you have topics in mind that you’d like to request or any idea at all for this blog, just let me know in the comment section below!

Cheers to a prosperous, fun and interactive 2012!

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Topshop Virtual Dressing Room

Since I’m a tech and fashion lover, I really like the virtual dressing room of Topshop. The interactive installation makes a user try out clothes without the hassle of going inside a fitting room and physically changing clothes. See the video below.

I like Topshop as a fashion brand in itself and seeing them try out new technologies such as Augmented Reality, makes me love them even more!

Which one do you prefer using, the virtual dressing room or the physical fitting room?

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