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A World of Interactive Screens

IBM has an amazing installation using 3 executions- a digital wall, a film in 40 screens and multiple touch screen stations. The installation shows interesting information, statistics, photos and videos on how technology can make the world a better place. Talk about a huge interactive exhibit!

Do you think this kind of exhibit as something fun, informative, overwhelming or any other reaction? Let me know how you feel after watching the video in the comment section below.

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Real Life “Snake” Game

I’d like to share the amazing multiplayer game by B-Reel called EEL. Using 3D projection mapping technology, users can play using mobile devices as controllers and physical space, in this case the installation, as the game board.

Riccardo Giraldi wisely said in the end, “The more you invest on research and development, the more you are going to get back in the future.”

I’d love to try out this game. How about you?

via Digital Buzz

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Microsoft Surface

Have I mention that I’m an apple fan? I used to have a MacBook before. I currently own an iPad 2. But I guess, I’m starting to like Microsoft again because of the videos I’ve been seeing lately.

Though the videos below were released 2 years ago, I would still like to share with you the Microsoft Surface. Essentially, Microsoft Surface is a touch screen device in a table form, instead of a typical kiosk. What makes it so amazing is that not only does it have multitouch capabilities, but it can also sense fingers and any physical object placed on top of it. Watch the video below to see what I mean.

According to Wikipedia, one unit costs around $15,000. Would you be willing to get one? If yes, what kind of applications would you like it to have?

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Future Interfaces

Here’s another amazing video by Microsoft on their vision of the future. I have goosebumps after watching this! It appears that almost any interface can be interactive even the car window and the kitchen door.

Would you think Microsoft will lead the future tech-world?

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Let’s start off with the endless possibilities for the Future of Kinect.
I’m very excited for this! How about you?

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